Remote assistance

The Remote Assistance connects a remote user to an on-site technician providing real time visual feedback and support through the headset’s high definition cameras and dedicated UI


Lynx helps doctors, technicians and soldiers to speed up their learning process by engaging them in a realistic, safe and controlled Mixed Reality environment



We are building our very own hybrid reality by merging virtual elements into the real world to enable new kinds of interaction and visualization


Experience the real-world with enhanced vision capabilities using the headset’s multiple sensors and processing power

What is Lynx ?

Lynx is the first of a new kind of all-in-one Augmented-Reality (“AR”) headset. It is the result of 2 years of research and development in hardware and software and aims to provide a visual quality never seen before in video-see through AR.

Among its features: a wide 100° Field of View, state of the art 6DoF tracking, hand tracking in a portable (untethered) package. Lynx opens the way for new use-cases and brings more immersion to augmented reality applications

Based on our experience with customers and partners, we believe that Lynx can help improve many processes and tasks as we are working with industry leaders, simulator experts and surgeons

Lynx finds its value and ROI in remote assistance, professional training, simulation and augmented vision but can also find its place in digital art and creative workflows

Lynx is built with an Open-by-Design state of mind. It is meant to be coupled with AI, Computer Vision and more complex backend infrastructure. That is why developers can access every sensor’s raw data

Pr. Nataf, surgeon at Bichat Hospital (Paris), uses LYNX headset to get patient's medical record in augmented reality while performing an open heart surgery.
Infantry soldiers' training in complex situation is drastically improved thanks to augmented reality.
In automotive industry Lynx headset is used for training, design review and many other scenarios.

Our Paris team

Our team is a mix of talented and experienced software and hardware engineers aiming to turn our prototype into an incredible product for professionals. We took up the challenge to build our own hardware and software to build the most advanced video see-through AR platform. Follow us.

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