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A new device to transform the professional world with Augmented (and Virtual) Reality.
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The Lynx headset is a first of a kind of the new generation of augmented reality. Capable of both Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Lynx headset allows incredible new experiences and interactions with your environment.

With our patented technology, you can now see and interact with virtual objects freely in your real environment, in a way that today's technology does not permit.

As we are working with surgeons, industrial companies and defense actors, we strongly believe AR will change professional training, traceability and productivity in some workplaces.

Key Features

Lynx has a lot under the hood: display, optics, sensors... All of it combined provides a great set of features with the modularity fitting your needs.

Wide Field of View
With a comfortable 110° of horizontal field of view, your viewing box is large enough to experience great content in AR and see your world with the best perspective and an outstanding 2K screen resolution (2560x1440) at 60 frames per second.
Walk free with our system running on battery and use Lynx in the field. Our solution can run with low-energy hardware and light batteries.
Hands-free, natural interactions
Interact with virtual objects around you directly with your hands. Click, point, pinch, grab or throw away, everything is possible thanks to the Leapmotion sensor mounted on the front panel and our Man Machine Interface.
SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) combines in real time the camera images with our Inertial Measurement Unit to locate Lynx with an outstanding precision (position and movements) without the need of external sensors, enabling true autonomy.
True Stereoscopy
A custom-made stereo camera aligned with your eyes is sitting on the front panel and provides you the outside world with a true sense of depth. Don't get sick anymore wearing a headset.
Easily swap the cameras with your own, or even adapt or add some sensors. Lynx is using Robotic Operating System, a great framework for developers to interact with sensors and other machines. Write a plugin in C++ or C# is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
The portable version of Lynx can transmit data over WiFi and Bluetooth. You are now able to really see the world through the eyes of someone else in real-time: imagine the possibilities.
Simple SDK and great documentation
Start developing applications in minutes inside Unity3D with our SDK and tools you love. Includes the Leapmotion SDK.

The Team

Stan Larroque
Stan Larroque, Creator Linkedin

Stan is a 24 years old computer scientist. He is in charge of architecture and development of Lynx and founded the company.

He has been working on many differents topics from iOS development to Computer Vision, and already received multiple awards for his work including for the Lynx project.

Guillaume Gelée
Guillaume Gelée, CEO Linkedin

After 35 years of a brilliant career in the French Air Force, Guillaume is now part of the Lynx project as CEO.

His experience in interfaces provides precious insights for the project as he oversees day-to-day operations.

Guillaume also helps in determining efficient use-cases using the Lynx headset for businesses and partners.

Guillaume was interested in Stan's project since they met and they share a common vision. Their combination of skills and experiences is what drives Lynx forward.

GFI Informatique

GFI Informatique is our partner and is hosting our team in their Innovation Lab in Paris.


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For technical questions about the project, please ask Stan at

For any business related matter, please refer to Guillaume at

We are located at 157, boulevard Macdonald 75019 Paris, do not hesitate to request a live demo.